Statement by NCFO President Devita on the nomination of Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigieg is exactly what Transportation needs; Union Workers in the transportation industry will have an advocate in the Secretary of Transportation.

Buttigieg made the following statement:

“This is a moment of tremendous opportunity, and now is the time to build back better through modern and sustainable infrastructure that creates millions of good-paying union jobs.”

Devita continued, “Finally, we got someone who will fight for good solid union jobs.”

As a former Mayor, Buttigieg understands that our economy depends on our transportation systems and will address the needs of our transportation infrastructure from rail tunnels such as the Gateway Program, a true commitment to Amtrak and all railroads in our Nation. 

I look forward to working with a person who has the vision of an updated National Transportation System and a person who supports union workers!

I also want to thank Pete Buttigieg for his military service to the United States of America.