Louisville Baristas are Fighting for Good Jobs to Make Louisville Stronger

As Louisville Baristas, we work hard to serve quality coffee and make this company successful. But low pay and unpredictable hours make it hard for us to keep up with the rising cost of living in Louisville.

We’re organizing a Union to gain the power to collectively negotiate to improve our jobs. We are already united by our love and mutual respect for one another. We are already united by the respect and recognition of our colleagues’ humanity, regardless of their eligibility in our bargaining unit. We are focusing this commitment into organizing our Union in order to create an environment where our friends, the people we work alongside, are treated with dignity and respect. Our priorities have been developed through conversations with our peers, and though they may change over time, we know it is only through a Union that we can hold the service industry accountable in addressing these concerns.

Too many Louisvillians in our city’s fast-growing service industry are falling behind. Help us fight for better jobs so we can build a better Louisville for all!

For a Stronger Louisville

“Higher wages for service workers and higher quality service jobs will make all of Louisville stronger. I’m proud to stand with Heine Bros workers as they organize.”

— Morgan McGarvey, KY Senate Democratic Leader, Candidate for Congress (KY-03)

For Peace of Mind

“The hours and tips at Heine Bros always fluctuate, so budgeting is nearly impossible with the insane amount of variables. Higher base pay would give us the peace of mind of being able to afford groceries and rent without asking for help from family members. I would also love to be able to afford healthcare.”

— Sabrina Lindsey, Gardiner Lane Heine Brothers’

For a Secure Future

“I work hard to save and budget, but the fluctuating hours make that hard. I have to be able to take care of myself and I’m also supporting my mom. She has a disability and needs help with her bills. I pay for health aides for in-between times, for hours that her insurance won’t cover. We work so hard at Heine Bros — it’s not just brewing a cup of coffee. We want to raise our pay so we can take some weight off our chests. I want to secure my future, and secure my mother’s future.”

— Jasmin Bush, Hurstbourne Heine Brothers’

For Sustainable Hours

“I work to keep ahead of bills, and there’s nothing left after that. I work full-time hours for Heine Bros and have since the jump. I feel like I’m always working. But with rent, water, groceries, electricity, wifi I’m struggling to catch up. I go without my phone being on sometimes for four or five days because I don’t have the money to pay it. Our work makes Heine Bros profitable — we should be paid enough to pay our bills. I’d like to be more involved in this community but right now there’s no time. More sustainable hours and pay will help us make Louisville better.”

— Gami Ray, Douglass Loop Heine Brothers’

For more information on the Union, send an email to [email protected] or call 1-877-YES-NCFO

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