American Dream Fund

Our union’s political power is key to improving the lives of NCFO members and their families. No matter how much strength we build in the workplace, we cannot stop when the workday ends. That’s why NCFO members work hard to elect public officials who have the best interests of working families at the top of their agenda. Our political power has meant:

  • Winning strong contracts with wage increases and good benefits.
  • Electing public officials who stand up for us, not for the wealthy and corporations.
  • Passing public policies that protect our jobs and strengthen our communities.

We must continue to build our political strength so that we can take on the tough battles – and win! Help us fight by donating to the American Dream Fund (ADF) — our union’s political action arm. Your help is critical to ensuring we have the necessary resources to fight these attacks on our retirement security and the middle class. Every donation counts. And it is important that we all contribute. Please take a minute to do so now.

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